Delivering creativity at scale in a digital out-of-home world

Marco Muzzi Digital Signage, DOOH, Marketing Strategy

The global digital out-of-home market is at a crossroads. The inventory is there, and its scale and ubiquity in cities around the world make it a valuable and exciting medium to work with. So then the question has to be why are brands not capitalizing on the medium’s full creative potential? Read the full article here (via Digital Signage Today)

Digital signage can work for the ‘Joes’ and not just the ‘Pros’

Marco Muzzi Digital Signage, DOOH, Marketing Strategy

Vehicles such as nationwide ad placement, celebrity endorsements and yes, high-end digital signage don’t fit the budget, and they probably won’t hit the mark with your message either. Still, that doesn’t mean you need to dismiss digital signage out of hand. Advances in making digital signage technology more … Read full article here (via Digital Signage Today)


Marco Muzzi Digital Signage, DOOH, Education, Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably wondered if digital signage is right for you. But where are the numbers that show that digital signage is a worthy investment? There are so many digital signage solutions, from the established, to the pioneers. Check out this awesome article on 16:9 to see just how impactful digital signage can be and which tools might be best for …

Cues and Clues to Tuning Your Digital Signage Content to Your Core Audience

Marco Muzzi DOOH, Education, Marketing Strategy

Adobe has released a survey, which outlines what interests, attracts and holds a specific demographics’ attention isn’t necessarily going to work for another. This is significant, given content decisions on many networks are sometimes made by people from a different age bracket that’s out of tune with the core audience… Full article here (via 16:9).